Architects release short film: ‘Holy Ghost’

UK giants Architects have released a 22-minute long film, directed by Tom Welsh, in the run-up to their November 2018 album ‘Holy Hell’. Drenched in emotion, the film follows the band as they describe the grief and turmoil faced as they prepared themselves for the writing of a new record, the first without founder and key songwriter Tom Searle, and the overall future of the band.

Full of one-on-one interviews, each individual has their own opportunities to open up to the camera; the most affecting being those of drummer Dan Searle, the co-founder and twin brother of the late guitarist. He reveals that the upcoming record is written about and dedicated to his memory and that turning his loss into a reason to move forward was the only way he could have successfully dealt with the situation he faced.

The film is ultimately a celebration of the genius that was Tom Searle, and even for those not familiar with Architects or their legacy, Holy Ghost is a must watch. Cementing the dedication to their craft, and that their presence in the world of music is going nowhere but up, the boys from Brighton prove once again that they rightfully deserve everyone’s respect. Ending on a heartwarming live performance of ‘Gone With The Wind’ from their headline show at London’s Alexandra Palace, Dan takes a moment to speak directly, and thanks those in the audience for standing by and supporting them unquestionably during their most vulnerable time.

And on behalf of Tom, I would like to say: ‘thank you’.

Architects will release their 8th studio album ‘Holy Ghost’ on November 9th, 2018, via Epitaph Records.

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