Now Playing: Julia Holter’s Ode to Cacophony in “Words I Heard”

Never shy of a soothing melody, Julia Holter releases her second single in anticipation of Aviary – the solo artist’s most recent full-length album scheduled to debut 10/26 via Domino Records.  ‘Words I Heard’ can be labeled as an ideal autumn anthem, beginning with a showcase of orchestral talent and resolving into a warm blanket for the soul.

With a song sweeter than that of a nightingale, Julia Holter’s vocal performance stands contemplative and eloquent as she harmonizes with the track’s earthly instrumentation. The trembling strings resemble the motion of breathing trees, the high-pitched screeches of the violin and the viola fading in and out, in and out, the bass line reminiscent of a forest’s beating heart.

‘Words I Heard’ charms you into a trance-like state and encourages you to never leave.

Director Dicky Bahto translates the song into a beautiful display of visuals, symbolic of the root of the record. You can read more about the collaboration’s influences and watch below.

Aviary is intended to be an exploration of chaotic thought in a chaotic universe. In Julia’s own words, she describes this as “the cacophony of the mind in a melting world.” One can only be thankful for music that drowns dissonance, a title I anticipate Aviary to achieve.

Listen on Bandcamp or stream the new track on Spotify.

Pre-order ‘Aviary’:
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All media is credited respectfully to Julia Holter, Dicky Bahto, and Domino Records.

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