Now Playing: “Monday’s Rain” by The Clientele

Find yourself droning on about the stereotypical Monday morning? Whine along with The Clientele on their melancholic track “Monday’s Rain”. 

Off of the band’s phenomenal 2000 debut Suburban Light, “Monday’s Rain” might make you feel like going back home just to crawl into bed and listen to the rest of the record. Depending on the weather, perhaps you’ll be listening to the notoriously mentioned rain outside of your window as well.

The track radiates nostalgic energy with a subtle hope of finally seizing the day. Wake up, enjoy your coffee, and avoid those puddles in the asphalt. After all, Monday’s yours.

Stream on Spotify or better yet, Buy the Record’s Reissue Here at Merge Records.

“What’s in a ghost, what’s in a silence
What’s in the blink of an eye
I bought the drinks, then I went walking
I’m going out of my mind, yeah”

All media is respectfully owned by The Clientele, Pointy Records, and Merge Records (U.S.).

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