Now Playing: Das Body’s Synth-Pop Trophy “Graceland”

As soon as you plug in speakers and stream Das Body’s “Graceland”, expect to start singing into the nearest hairbrush. This synth-infused track radiates a youthful, energetic mood with a splash of mysterious intentions. It’s the perfect song for putting on a personal dance performance in front of the mirror, that’s for sure.

Promising to urge you out of your seat, the surging, shadowy keys layered over a choppy, light rhythm exists as an almost flawless formula for a catchy single. Ellie Linden’s piercing vocals echo throughout the track, paving a unique path for harmonies that prove to be just as equally impressive as the initial melody.

While the track enters with consistency, “Graceland” further progresses into a passionate exhibit of enthusiasm and emotion. After building up, the track climbs its stairwell into a cinematic exit, leaving the audience applauding and anxious for the next act. It all comes to show that Das Body was born into the world feet first, kicking down any obstacle standing in their way.

“You know that this could make you feel so strange,
This will make you see some change.
Oh, I’m gonna make you feel something, so cling to me.”

“Graceland” is the first track on Das Body’s self-titled EP, released September 28th via Luminelle Records (in association with one of our favorite music blogs, Gorilla vs. Bear). With such an incredibly strong debut, we don’t expect hit makers Ellie, Kim, Patrik, and Didrik to go anywhere anytime soon. Make sure you stick around. 

Buy/Listen to Das Body on Bandcamp or Stream on Spotify.


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All media is respectfully credited to and owned by Das Body and Luminelle Records.
Featured Photo: Taken from Das Body’s Profile on Luminelle Records

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