Now Playing: “Callous” – SASAMI

In this exhausting hoax of an industry, there is nothing I love more than a musician that has a diverse and reputable resume backing their work. SASAMI (Sasami Ashworth) has been making music for a long time – all kinds of it, from movie scores to impressive instrumental contributions including arrangements for records by Vagabon, Wild Nothing, and Hand Habits. She’s even worked with Soko and spent the last couple of years touring with Cherry Glazerr, but all of the name dropping in the world won’t do SASAMI any justice. She’s been busy sculpting her own marble image.

Recently signing to Domino Records, SASAMI has finally released her own music and it lives up to every expectation her previous endeavors have set.

“Callous” is a haunting and alluring track, highlighting SASAMI’s skill of creating surreal melodies to match real moods. She does this a few ways, whether it’s by humming softly over a tranquil bass line or by distorting the tone of her guitar to perhaps pay homage to a 90’s grunge staple. SASAMI’s sullen vocals make the harsh noise on the track seem lush and atmospheric, but she doesn’t need words to convey her message at all. It’s well proven that she’s just about as phenomenal of a structural songwriter as she is a vocalist.

This track has an interesting duality, emphasizing the contrast between pain and strength. SASAMI makes it feel so good to feel so bad, or in other words, she makes it a little easier to understand the lessons you learn after sacrificing yourself for someone who won’t do the same in return. “I’m happy for you until my face is blue,” she sings, resonating with every fake smile the world has ever put on.

A full five minutes pass, and the track is over, leaving any listener in awe over the raw emotion and talent displayed. It’s hard to find authentic work in these dark, depressing times of the art industry, but for every reason I can think of, SASAMI gives me hope of a return to the way music should be – honest and heartfelt.

You can buy or listen to “Callous” on Bandcamp or stream on Spotify.

All media is respectfully owned by Sasami Ashworth.

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