avoid. Waves Their Final Goodbye with Upcoming LP Release

In the town of Cedar Falls, Iowa, you might wander around a cemetery (for whatever reason) and find a gravestone marked “avoid.: The Authentic Voice of Melodic Hardcore”. Being a band of “five people trying to make the most honest music possible”, avoid. brought three beautiful releases to life over the course of three rather difficult years: There Is Always A Reason to Carry On, Once | Again, and Everything Ends.

The end of any creative project calls for inexpressible grief, undoubtedly shared by both the creators and the supporters involved. In the case of avoid., the conclusion was bittersweet, in which most of the band’s members went off to school to pursue new endeavors.

Picture by: Seth Reineke

Nonetheless, avoid. brought to light an incredible combination of nostalgic, emo guitar tones and ripping harsh vocals. Low sung melodies can be heard throughout the entirety of their discography as well, and the lyricism is shown as its own form of poetic power.

“The entire point of avoid. from day one was to be as transparent and as honest as possible, no matter how dark it may be, and through that find a true sense of hope. If for no one else, than for me,” states vocalist Nick Booth.

avoid. has always been about rightfully expressing your true self, taking care of your mental health, and overcoming your darkest thoughts and emotions. This is highlighted in Everything Ends, the band’s third record, released on February 16th of 2018.

The band played their last show on September, 18th of 2018, a little over six months later.

Now, almost an exact year from the release date, avoid. will be gifting emo lovers a physical copy of Everything Ends through Mourning Records, a label based out of Florida. Time to get some tissues.

You can pre-order a copy of the LP on the Mourning Records web store.

You can stream Everything Ends now on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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