Hildegard introduces their other half, known as ‘Jour 2’

Helena Deland and producer, Ouri, have teamed up to combine auras and “contrasting eeriness and softness” into new project Hildegard, and they’ve just shared their debut single ‘Jour 2’ as of early March this year.

The debut single was accompanied by an incredibly dreamy, earthy, haze-like video directed by Melissa Matos.

Deland and Ouri worked together on a night of synchronicity and connectedness in September 2018, spinning the threads of a common sadness into a new name, ‘Jour 2’.

Hildegard explains in a the track release announcement email that in the context of an inspirational phrase by Claude Cahun, a French gender-fluid visionary of a photographer, author, surrealist, and much more from the 1920s:

“It would now be necessary to fix the image in time as in space, to seize the accomplished movements – to surprise oneself (of back) finally.”

Claude Cahun {Translated from {“Il faudrait maintenant fixer l’image dans le temps comme dans l’espace, saisir les mouvements accomplis – se surprendre de dos enfin”.}

…that it seems in the context of self, surprising yourself from behind would permit the most tender understanding of self-love. Experiencing the whole self without judgement, but rather with authentic curiosity and genuine warmth. 

The call-and-response nature of the track, in terms of auditory senses, represents the concept of duality playfully. The gentle, intentional vocals blend with the warmth of the pads and defined beat keeping you rooted through the listening. The entire track creates this sense of self, as intended, to spiral into your ideas of identity. A trip to be sure, with light psychedelic natures, brings you into a place of safety and exploration. As mentioned by Hildegard, “Duplication is often the central element of bloodcurdling stories, where encountering oneself outside of oneself acts as an element of horror…” but with ‘Jour 2’, the concept of duplication is flipped on its head, to reveal the existential, self-loving underbelly. 

This new track achieves what it sets out to do if you sit with it like an old friend across the table, catching up after too many years apart.

This is Deland’s first reappearance since releasing her debut album, Someone New, in October of last year, which follows Ouri’s collaboration with February Mobilegirl, “Too Fast No Pain”. 

The new track is the first release that will soon be followed with Hildegard’s debut album later this year. 

“Jour 2” is also the first release on section1, which is a new label launched in partnership with Partisan Records. 

The future is bright and layered beautifully with all that Hildegard is going to bring in the coming year.

The following is a piece written by myself, inspired by Hildegard’s newest release, ‘Jour 2’. The concept of duality and diving into the self came to my mind in these words.

"the aching,
the longing,
to eat and
be eaten.
torn to shreds by
your own canines.
leaning deeper,
staring together
into the abyss of
each mirror of yours.
a soft, tender hand
placed upon
your back.
and it reverberates
through every vertebrae,
into the fibers of
your muscles.
resting in your
exposing the
self-loving underbelly.
what is at the root
of all this was for.
the same energy exchange
courses through the mirror,
back and forth,
between your ears,
through the crevices
of your patient brain.
understand this:
warmth is within,
misery is without.
there is nothing
but perception.
will you allow
yourself the
intimacies of heaven,
or the hungers of hell?"

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