Holocene: A Type of Refuge

As a global-pandemic seems hopeful of bettering itself, I tend to find myself searching for the meaning behind prolonged isolation.

Maybe it’s not too sensible to demand answers from the universe, or from anyone for that matter, but these emotions are hard to process. They don’t go away- instead they churn in your stomach once you’ve eaten them. They rest, to awaken later on.

Little sleeping dragons.

So, dear Cosmos, how are we supposed to feel now?  

Elated that summer is nearing? Terrified of our political climate? Grateful for the days we’ve survived? Angry for the continuation of systematic oppression?

I don’t want to be told how to feel anymore. Our planet, she’s dying.

In the midst of these feelings, this one song seems to bring me comfort. As if, the notes themselves, the connotations, the lyrics; as if they lived through all of this confusion, too.

It’s proof that we all did.

Directed by Cameron McCool
Edited & Colored by: Jason Denton

That’s what art does, right? It brings us together. It shows that we have the ability to resonate with absolutely anything. It encourages us to maintain an open mind, open spirit. It teaches us to take care of ourselves, even when the world is standing at an immeasurable distance.

After all, time forgets no one. You’re alive, and so am I.

“We’ve all needed a refuge this year, this is a glimpse into mine.”

Zella Day
Zella Day and Weyes Blood
Photo by Neil Krug

Holocene is a beautiful collaboration between artists Zella Day and Weyes Blood, released earlier in February of this year on Concord Records.

Engineered, produced, and mixed by Gus Seyffert (and co-produced by Natalie Mering, of Weyes Blood), Holocene is a heavy-hearted, haunting track that lingers long after it’s been listened to.

Natalie and Zella’s vocal harmonies are more than a dream come true. The combination of talents between these two artists far exceeds any expectations previously set.  

I can only thank them for creating this refuge for me, too.

Stream Holocene on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal HERE.

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