JUNO MAMBA, Visionary of the Void

I’ve been reading weary books on how to live – searching for my soul in words. It’s a tiresome course, set up with plenty obstacles and too few loopholes.

Life is a wretched, beautiful performance.

Most nights I’d rather be in the depths of outer space… Experiencing the birth of stars, looking out on the vast nothingness of the universe, feeling comforted by my indefinite solitude. Few things take me there, by opening a portal into the unknown: sounds, frequencies, vibrations.

A nicely rolled joint, perhaps.

Embracing the emotive soundscapes of reality is harsh. So, I turn to auditory environments crafted by visionaries of the void, in hopes to escape the world’s ineffable noise.

Movement cascades us into a trance-like state.
It seems the only way to leave Earth is through dance.

Australian producer Vinci Javier creates this meditative gateway with his project, Light Echoes, a four song electronic EP released underneath alias JUNO MAMBA (via Soothsayer Records).

Juno Mamba by Georgia R. Haynes

“Space as inspiration. Considerations and exploration. Foundations and obliteration… it’s all relative. Life, death, decay, beauty. It’s all consciousness.”

Vinci Javier, JUNO MAMBA

Uttering ethereal melodies and designating sharp, percussive hypnotics, Light Echoes abducts and throttles you into the deepest caverns of your own mind. The breeding curiosity of existence itself bleeds through every sound and you’re left wandering, hand in hand with your own subconscious.

With inspiration taken from “man-made structures and natural elements”, this EP blends terrestrial limitations with the infinity of the ether. Functioning as a throbbing reminder of our oneness with the universe, Light Echoes points us towards the location of the divine: that is, within.

Flicker’ starts soft, sweet, with angelic pads swiftly suspiring into a solid, structured beat, only to then take us back into a feathered outro. We’ve made it out of the atmosphere and into the cosmic abyss.

Blossom’ takes us to our designated seats, ready to catapult us even further away from all we know. Club-ready and thriving, this track gives us permission to dance, to purge, to move in a way that connects us to our simple being.

Bright Noise’ advances towards our neighboring planets, giving visions of orange, yellow, cascading color all around. Our journey into “space” has led us to… ourselves.

Slow Light’ comes in, ready to make you tear up at the sight of your innards. A scenic route into the unconscious and conscious minds, a brilliant display of aristocracy and balance. It is charming to get to know yourself through the inexpressible. Here, we’ve touched our own souls.

Back to Earth, aware of the life that needs to be lived.

Cover Art by Luke Brown

Listen to Light Echoes on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Buy the record from Soothsayer Records.

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