Ratskin Records, A Rare & Radical Gem: How One Independent Label is Changing the Narrative

A music scene fostering around community and progressive conversation. Friends showing up for friends. Art being represented as self-liberation, and as pure, genuine activism. Expressionism and accessibility are on the forefront of the mission. Voices that need to be heard are blaring.

So, what? Are you scared?

If you’re on the wrong side of history, you should be.

Ratskin Records is redefining what it means to exist amongst an exploitative industry that allows the under-representation of marginalized cultural identities. No longer can you view independent record labels as complacent. This is one of many revolutionary statements against oppression that Black, LGBTQ+, Native, POC, and disabled artists face within their own communities.

Ratskin Records presents : A Mixed Reality Festival Winter 2020 Trailer
Donate to this project’s GoFundMe HERE

Beginning as a tape label focused on noise and experimental music, Ratskin Records has expanded into a beautiful collective and commentary centered around decolonialization and inclusive practices. It has become their mission to provide material resources, support, and other opportunities to under-represented artists seeking to “sonically and politically push boundaries”.

Through allowing artists the freedom to express themselves how they choose, and by using sound as a means “for breaking down any binaries [and other] Western subsets”, Ratskin Records is shaping a certain expectation and changing political climates in the so-called “music industry”.

Art should be about love and passion; about exploring the divinity within your nature as a human being. It should be about expressing that spark within all of us, about facing our fears, about overcoming unjust obstacles surrounding our bodies and environments, and about saying something important.

The voices of artists who have faced oppression, abuse, dysphoria, and a lack of acknowledgement or patronage from our governments – THESE are the voices that so desperately need to be lifted during our current narratives of harsh capitalism and subjection. THESE are the voices that, through art and music, bring us inevitable realizations of our own unendurable injustices.

If we want to heal humanity and reach a place of collective, spiritual enlightenment, then we need to learn how to listen.

Ratskin Records is teaching us how to.

A peek into the Ratskin Records Bandcamp discography

We are so excited to announce that for the entire month of September, we will be bringing light to some incredible releases from the Ratskin Records discography. Contributing to this ongoing discussion, we will be publishing reviews, interviews, and more – all surrounding this collective of artists and their awe-inspiring goals as a community.

I strongly believe in this label and what they are accomplishing. I heavily support them and want to bring awareness to these valuable topics of humanity. I hope that by bringing an emotive dialogue around the artists’ work, that we can start to see how much more beneficial it is to love and support one another, in terms of self-expression and anti-imperialism.

You can read the Ratskin Records mission statement and donate HERE.

Check out their full discography, on Bandcamp.
[ 30% off today, 9/03, for Bandcamp day! ]

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A huge thank you to Ratskin Records, Tierany Carter, Sharmi Basu, and MD for giving us the chance to talk about something we are all so passionate about. We stand in solidarity.

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